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Commission your one of a kind portrait painting here

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Art isn't just mere decoration. It's a statement.

Whether you're having friends over for dinner,

showing your in laws your new house

or hosting a special event,

one thing is for sure:

the secret of feeling that you've got it together? 

is to have a reminder, a statement that is a true representation of who you are.


Sure, you’ve managed to get your furniture neatly organized.

You’ve got some plants in the corner.

And maybe even a welcome mat at your door.

But there’s just one little problem:

Home decor alone isn’t reflective of your success.

Success you’ve worked so hard to attain.

Success that doesn’t just define your career.

But who you are.

And while that poster you bought at Ikea is not a crime

It represents the you-in-training

Not the one who has arrived.


So why not try something different? 

Something that is unique? 

Something exclusive?

Something that is completely you


Why not commission your own piece of artwork?


You can own a one of a kind, tailored to your needs piece of artwork that is not only stunning, but is a true reflection of you. 


I would love to collaborate with you to create a custom portrait that you are proud of. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful and I see great strength where others see vulnerability. The little quirks you see when you let your guard down? Those are the things that make you unique and special. And when you stand tall and own those quirks? You exude courage and strength. And that is the essence of what your portrait should convey. It is a statement of what you stand for and a reminder of who you really are. 


Owning a custom piece of art can help you:

  • Show your family (even your in laws) and friends that you've got good taste
  • Show that you've got it together
  • Show that you're doing well
  • See the results of your hard work - beyond a paycheck
  • Feel proud of the person you have become 



I can help you get something that you will treasure for a lifetime and will be a constant reminder of strength and courage. 


Here's what the process looks like: 

  • 20-minute complimentary phone consult (or skype session)- so we can determine if this is a good idea
  • one hour kick off meeting - where we can talk and I take notes to make sure I completely understand who you are as a person before I get to work. I don't want to paint just any portrait. I want to paint your custom portrait and that requires knowing who you are.
  • a separate photography section - to make sure I capture different glimpses of your personality and can bring it all together for your painting.
  • the full aesthetics plan - where you can look at sketches and studies for your portrait painting and talk about the process. Because this isn't supposed to be a hassle. It's supposed to be a pleasurable experience for you.
  • pictures of the entire process - so you can get a sneak peek at the behind the scenes and be fully aware of what's going on with your artwork.



Commission your custom portrait painting now and never feel blah again.



  1. What's the investment?

  • Costs vary and are dependant on the type of commission, size and medium used. Below is a rough guide to my prices for oil painting, oil pastel portraits and acrlylic commissions. These prices exclude travel, framing and other extras and are to be taken as a guideline only. For a no-strings-attached individual quote please  contact me here.
    • Oil Pastels on Paper:
      • 30 x 40cm / 12 x 16" : €600 - €1000
      • 42 x 56cm / 17 x 22" :  €700 - €1200
    • Oil Pastels on Wood Panel:
      • 30 x 40cm / 12 x 16" : €800 - €1200
      • 50 x 60cm / 20 x 24": €1000 - €1400
    • Abstract Acrylic Portraits on Stretched Canvas:
      • 30.5 x 30.5cm / 12 x 12" : €500 - €900
  1. Can I pay in installments?

  • I don't offer payment plans at this time, but you can find more affordable alternatives amongst the original artworks and prints on my shop.

  1. Do you offer discounts?

  • I don't offer discounts, out of respect to my collectors who paid full price. But I do offer other options at different price points. Please check my original artworks and prints.

  1. What if I hate the sketches you come up with?

  • Once you commission a painting, you are required to sign a contract and a 50% non-refundable deposit is due to make your booking official. When your start date arrives, I will send a pencil sketch shortly and you have 48 hours to respond to the pencil sketch with up to 2 edits or an approval for the next step. Please notice that additional edits are €50 each.

  1. Will I get to express my opinion?

  • Your input is appreciated, but you also need to trust the artist and the process. Please make sure to check my other paintings to see if they match your style and taste, before commissioning a painting.

  1. Will this cost extra money?

  • While it doesn't cost extra money to express your opinion, please notice that you can have up to 2 edits once you receive the pencil sketch. Additional edits are €50 each.

  1. How long does it take to complete a commission?

  • Each commission is unique, and each collector is provided with an estimate based on the factors below:

    • Date the commission is booked;

    • Custom or standard sized canvas;

    • Subject matter;

    • Travel time, if applicable.

  1. What if I live in a different city/country?

  • I provide international shipping options.

  1. Will it come with a frame?

  • I don't offer framing options at this time, due to restrictions to international shipping.

  1. Once the commission is done how long will it take you to ship it?

  • Oil paintings take a large amount of time to dry. I will not ship a painting before it is ready to be tightly packaged (4-7 weeks from painting completion).
  • Oil pastel and watercolor artworks are shipped within 2 weeks upon completion.
  1. How much does it cost to ship it?

  • Shipping costs vary depending on size, weight and location. Each order placed will receive an estimate.
  1. How is my artwork going to be shipped?

  • Oil paintings take a large amount of time to dry. I will not ship a painting before it is ready to be tightly packaged (4-7 weeks from painting completion).
  • Oil pastel and watercolor artworks are shipped within 2 weeks of completion.
  • All artwork is wrapped in paper, padded extremely well, and sent in a well-fitting sturdy cardboard box. 
  • Most artwork will ship via AnPost Ireland and most packages arrive within 2-4 days (domestic) from time of shipping (includes tracking & insurance). International shipments will be sent via AnPost Ireland or other carrier. International buyers, please note that shipping charges may vary from the amount you pay at checkout.  Please email me with questions or to get an estimate. 
  • Oil paintings are sent un-stretched and rolled safely in a sturdy tube.
  • Please contact me, if you prefer to ship your large painting fully stretched. I will then use a freight service to expertly handle the painting and deliver it right to your house.
  1. What sizes do you work with?

  • I work with different sizes of canvas and paper and do my best to accommodate every commission.
  1. Can I return the painting if I don't like it?

  • Every order, commission, and sale is handled with extreme care and as much clarity and transparency as possible. My goal is for you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. For that reason, all sales are final except in certain situations. Please take the time to read descriptions carefully and the check colors on multiple screens if you are concerned about minor share variations.  I try my best to represent the colors and tones in my work completely honestly and clearly.




Ready to get started? Have a question? Send me an email at flavia@flaviabernardesart.com.





Feel free to share my work and photos with credit. All artwork and images of artwork are the sole property of Flavia Bernardes and may not be used or reproduced in any way for profit without permission. If you have any queries, please check my FAQ page for more information.