"Baies Rouges" - Watercolor Bird Print

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Who says a bold statement has to be overwhelming? 

Life is busy enough. Your home is the last place that should be.
You’ve got the right hue of off-white on the wall, clean minimalistic design furniture and you even figured out how to divide that open floor space of yours. But something is still missing. The room still feels stale and lukewarm. You know you should probably put something on that wall, but you don’t want it to be overbearing or for it to take over the entire room. 

You want something that will ground you. Something simple and clean. Something that is a reflection of your good taste and style. And preferably make the whole room come together.

Imagine coming home to a room that welcomes you with open arms and a warm embrace. To curl up on your favorite spot on the couch with a warm plush blanket, hot cocoa cupped between your hands. Just because. And as you feel the warmth coming from the fireplace and look around... There it is. Tying it all together and making your house feel like home. It’s just the right amount of nature in your living room. A special touch. It feels right. Your house feels like home now.

Material: This is a giclée print - an archival inkjet print of the original painting. Printed with archival inks on PH neutral, cold-pressed watercolor paper. There is a white border around the edges of the print for easier framing.
Shipping: Each art print is individually signed. All prints are packaged in archival plastic sleeves with sturdy, white, archival foamcore backing. Ships in 5-7 business days in lovely sturdy packaging, ready for gift giving.
Sizes: Available in a variety of sizes.
  1. Click here to see sizes in centimeters

    • 8"x10"     =     20.8 x 25 cm
    • 10"x12"   =     25 x 30 cm (A4)
    • 12"x16"   =     30 x 40 cm (A3)
    • 16"x20"   =     40 x 50 cm
    • 16"x24"   =     42 x 59.4 cm (A2)

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