"Warmth" - Watercolor Bird Print

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There’s always that friend that never shows up empty-handed, and always knows exactly what gift to bring… No matter the occasion. She brings not only a gift to the party, but warmth and heart. Now? It’s your turn. 

This lovely painting is a little piece of nature, guaranteed to brighten up anybody's walls and hearts. Package all your love and thought and give them something they’ll always remember you for. 

Material: This is a giclée print - an archival inkjet print of the original painting. Printed with archival inks on PH neutral, cold-pressed watercolor paper. There is a white border around the edges of the print for easier framing.
Shipping: Each art print is individually signed. All prints are packaged in archival plastic sleeves with sturdy, white, archival foamcore backing. Ships in 5-7 business days in lovely sturdy packaging, ready for gift giving.
Sizes: Available in a variety of sizes.
  1. Click here to see sizes in centimeters

    • 8"x10"     =     20.8 x 25 cm
    • 10"x12"   =     25 x 30 cm (A4)
    • 12"x16"   =     30 x 40 cm (A3)
    • 16"x20"   =     40 x 50 cm
    • 16"x24"   =     42 x 59.4 cm (A2)

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